Cool Anti-Spy

Controls access to your smartphone and avoid being spied on.

Avoid problems and protect your smartphone.

Protect yourself

CoolAntivirus Anti-Spyware do a complete scan of your smartphone looking for installed applications with access to the cameras (front and rear) and microphone. Having identified these applications, we can remove access permissions to the microphone and camera to protect our security.

Cool Anti-spy

Privacy is one of the most important aspects in the life of people, so it is important to protect it at all costs. Cool Anti-spy will help to strengthen security in your smartphone to keep protected. manual

List of programs

Cool Antivirus will show you a list of programs that can negatively affect your computer.

Programs classified

Sort potentially dangerous applications and ensures safety.


You can make a general analysis of your device for malware anytime

Notice in real time

Each time an application causes an alert sms virus for control of the activity is sent.

Antivirus and Android

According to studies most Android users do not use antivirus on your mobile or tablet. Users do not care about installing an antivirus because they believe that Android is a secure operating system.
This belief is erroneous because thousands of devices each day are infected with malware that can access your personal information. Having a cleaning application and control software is a recommended option.

One of the best

Cool Antivirus emerges as one of the best and most comprehensive antivirus for Android. Since it was launched this year 2014 discharges have increased steadily. This is due to the effectiveness of the application and intuitive experience, natural user, and unique.

You know how it works?

Just download the application and start it. Cool Antivirus will scan your smart phone for viruses, once completed will qualify their safe, dangerous or potentially dangerous applications. For more detailed information about the program explore manual

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