Security for your mobile phone

Protect your Android device with the CoolAntivirus suite

1 - Basics
What is CoolAntivirus?

Protect your phone or Android ™ tablet with the application of free mobile security of the moment, which also features antivirus and optimizations.

The CoolAntivirus keeps your smartphone free of viruses and threats. Has useful tools such as information on active processes, identification of potentially dangerous APPS and APPS that can make us spend money by sending SMS, giving total control over your mobile phone

Basic features:
2 - Basic operation of the CoolAntivirus

Once downloaded the APK and installed on your mobile phone, running for the first time this surprising anti-virus.

The first thing we will see is the splash of the application while the same load all needed to work properly.

Once loaded all of the necessary elements for its correct functioning, the main screen of the application is loaded.

In it you can see the main elements of the CoolAntivirus:

Pressing the main called SCAN button or the button scan now starts the analysis of our smartphone in search of potentially dangerous applications.

As we can see in the image above, while the analysis is carried out can see how all our APPS are subjected to comprehensive control by the CoolAntivirus in order to determine the dangerousness of them.

Analysis can be stopped at any time by pressing on the button stop analysis.

Once, stopped or completed the analysis of the APPS installed on your mobile phone, shows a summary, which inform us of the number of dangerous applications, dubious or safe we have.

If we want to see for example (applied to any of the three cases) applications safe, click on this information and the CoolAntivirus will provide us with the list of all secure APPS that we have installed in our mobile.

This listing allows us to be able to know what are the permissions that has an application on your mobile phone. See for example the case of Spotify, a secure APPS.

On permissions screen (see below) have the possibility to uninstall the application in question. If we click on the Uninstall button will request confirmation that we really want to uninstall it. If we accept will run the uninstall, if we cancel the uninstallation will be without effect, keeping the APPS installed on your mobile phone.

Is another option on the main screen: track SMS. This enables an analysis of those APPS that have the ability to send SMS in the background and can give us an unwanted expense.

Once selected this option, begins tracking between all the applications installed on your mobile phone. After the scan, the CoolAntivirus presents a list of found APPS, giving us the possibility, as the analysis described above, see permissions for each one of those applications and being able to uninstall them.

Third of the buttons available in the home is what allows us to purchase the PRO version of the CoolAntivirus: Premium Version. When you click on this button is offers us the possibility to get for a low price the option premium of CoolAntivirus, with new features that will make your smartphone even much safer and they optimize the operation of the.

In the upper right corner we see access to the menu of the APP. When you click on it.

The first of the options available in the menu is about. There shown inter alia information on the commercial rights of the brand and version of the APP.

The next option is to share, which allows us to recommend the CoolAntivirus among our contacts through various means such as mail, Factbook, Twister, etc. To recommend the APP a link will be sent to our contact will install the CooAntivirus making your mobile phone is safer.

The third option in the list is account, which will allow us to acquire the version premium of CoolAntivirus if we had installed little version, or give us a detail of the functions and features of the product purchased.

Following options from the menu, come to See processes. There we can see what processes are running on your mobile phone and memory being consumed, which can make our smartphone work slow, consumes more battery or even overheat.

In this list, will be able to mark those processes that you want to terminate. Once marked, click on the End process button and CoolAntivirus end them freeing up memory and CPU.

The last three options on the menu are contact, legal and support. If you select any of them will be redirected to those sections in the official site of the APP, giving us the possibility to get in contact with the developers, reviewing the legal or read the help and user's manual.

3 - Background of the CoolAntivirus scanning

Another important function of the CoolAntivirus is the analysis in the background of the APPS are installed or that are updated.

Once a APPS downloaded from Google Play or installed or an upgrade of an existing application, CoolAntivirus performs an analysis in the background by notifying us of the result and giving us the possibility to uninstall it if consider opportune to do so

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